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B.L.M (Black Lives Matter)

They run us over when we protest

Spray on us when we’re honest

Arrest us when we’re disobedient

Murder us when we are helpless…”

Write Me A Letter (Single)

Release Date 30.05.2020!
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Finally releasing this Single “Write Me A Letter” on 30.05.2020, written, produced and recorded by myself. It will be available worldwide, on music streaming services and online stores! 😊

We now live in a day and age where, handwritten letters seem to be an out of mind practice, where technology has siezed the bridge of communication, where laziness has become the new smart way of reacting, where messages lose their value in an instant through mobile chats and even the traditional sms is losing attention, where pens only still mostly, have a hold in educational and work facilities, where memories are archived in electronic devices etc.

Writing a handwritten letter to someone nowadays is deemed as old-fashioned, but would you agree with me that, the new-fashioned ways tend to weigh less precious and less valued and appreciated than the attention given to every handcrafted shape of every letter, through an ink on a paper, with careful thougts and time through every line, where the backspace button for mistake corrections doesn’t exist? I wish I still had those letters of my youth, where I waited for weeks to receive and was greatly excited to open up the envelope for a quick read. Do you feel me?
“Write Me A Letter”.

This song was created a few years ago, but I still hadn’t felt like it was the right moment to release it… but yet, when is really the right moment 😄? I had it remixed and remastered so anyway, I’m happy to share my creations with you. I hope you enjoy this one.

🙏🏾😊 I will continue thanking God for the ability and inspiration. Stay loved and blessed.

Your Fire (Single)

Release Date 26.04.2020!
Online Stores & Streaming Services!

Release Date 26.04.2020! Online Stores & Streaming Services!

This song will take you to places… The thought of sneaking out at night with a partner in a summer, hanging around the city like you own the place (alone on earth) and there being no place you can’t go to have fun.

Driving around in a cabrio on a summer day, with the wind on your face, through your hair and the kind sunshine on your skin, loving every bit of the moments spent together.

These thoughts came to my mind after a chat with a friend in my studio and I really had to make a song about what it felt like.

Written & Produced by Brown C. at C.-Studios, Oensingen, Switzerland.

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